Monday, November 22, 2010

best intentions

I wished to say something with my each picture, yet the lists of my sketchbook received  quite opposite feedback...
While most best intentions met the dustbin, few drawings were more successful. However, where they any better indeed? I just put some of my works on a blog and thus they indwelt the Internet, reached the archives. Does that mean that the value of the work depend on its location?  
Such conclusion would be possible (the digital files were more successful than the hand-made pieces), yet is it not ridiculous?

While looking through the window I was searching for the eternal values. The metaphors embellished my language, yet that beauty cost me plenty – the understanding of each other was lost and the silence replaced the prior chatter of friends in spite of the fact that they all buy the same flowers.

The hardships opened the store and thus expel a threat of a storm out of my room. Thus the forthcoming winter awoke arts and crafts by turning on the heating system.
The pipes are hot now - I‘m rejoicing  over my archive:
the digital painting Back to Beginnings wipe the thoughts about the decline of life out of my head

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