Monday, May 23, 2011

sleeping sunset

Sleeping sunset is the belonging of the shadow by the wall of a house in front of me. It looks at passersby with wonder, what was the cause for their movement in silence?
My digital painting may look like the meaningless abstraction at a glimpse, yet we all know that nothing happens accidentally. So what about this artwork is? 

I too wonder at passersby and our move without "hello!"...Is "Hi!" not the most desirable discovery on a road? That's above.
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Colleen said...

Hello Tomas! I finally have my computer back and thought I would stop by...hope you are well. Love your new piece...soft and thoughtful.

Harish said...

Wow.. Loved the piece.

ESCUDERO said...

This is gorgeous Tomas! luvu it

Mike said...

Another amazing work. I agree,if we are fated,there is no such thing as an accident, only unexpected circumstances.

The Paper Princess said...

I'm delighted to discover your site Tomas - I love your work, especially this piece! I am now following you and invite you to join me at Create With Joy!


P.S. I found you thru a WW link. I also host a weekly WW party - I'd love for you to share your work with my readers!