Sunday, March 13, 2011

tutorial on joy

Lots of things are difficult to accept, yet all the problems can be healed easily. It is enough to go outside. When I did so, I just came into an awe. The sun was shining and the colors were talking - everything in front of my eyes preached to me. That enabled me to see my musings on art and life in the new light.

While the mirrors reflect the light, the artworks showcase what was grasped by the people. 
As the specular surfaces as the pictures are just the tools, the helpful implements  to us in dealing with our personal emotions.  The approach to the things we have teaches people the spiritual priorities and thus enables them to accept their tears for various misfortunes as the supplies of the artistic materials for the embellishment of the life they have.
Such way the material well-being ( the abundance of the mirrors on our walls) help people to recognize the true values. It is the sun that  fills the hearts with the gratitude and  lights up people with a smile. That's the divine grace
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