Monday, February 28, 2011

interpretation of the bird of passage

My pocket easily contains the space between my bed and window towards the world. The above painting is a key to that metaphor. Meanwhile the truth is - the globe map sparkles with the locations of my art visitors. So how much is 2x2?
It would be easy to count the blogs I have, yet such maths would lead the reviewer astray, because the real source of inspiration is the number of comments below a are reading now.

The need of embellishment of  what you will read here is the perfect art therapy ... It is our communication that gives a meaning to musing on art and life and transforms the withered flowers into the colorful piece of still-life.
Beauty of the visions results in a  shame to complain for the current misunderstandings and thus it pushes my daily walk into the message on between the lines of a diary. Such way the metaphors embellish the silence of my room and give a birth to a mystery. Have a look at the picture Bird of Passage

Now I hope you will see for yourself - the unemployed disabler mused on life as one in authority and did that with the confidence despite his factual illiteracy....Was that not a magical transformation?
Plus all the above is just a tiny part of the thoughts that came while looking at the picture of this post. Just a blurred photo in disguise as the watercolor art ... that my wish to be a man who has what to share with you and the grateful acceptance of my total dependence on the divine grace.

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