Thursday, March 17, 2011

cosy chat

It's good to smile. A smile is a good thing and therefore I like the cracked walls. They know the art of listening. While unbosoming  to the walls, you are always free from the fear to be interrupted with the counsels on how to live healthier and thus do not hide your tears.  Only the complete wreck breathe in each your word with real understanding. Such way the visually not attractive picks never hurt with the polite indifference but always comforts the heart. While the same sun shines to us all and we all are free to enjoy the light, the artistic expression of that pleasure has a cost that far exceeds the the work-less disabler's  possibilities to pay for the artistic materials. The wrecks know that and never judge any for the begging. So while looking at the wise walls my dark thoughts vanished from site at a glimpse. There is no wonder for I titled my photo the cosy chat. We both were visualizing the art showrooms that were inhabited by the colorful dreams in spite of the impotency to enter them.because of my financial poverty... Sorry for the sad ending, but this blog is my diary where I am free to question loudly what for do I continue to live? When will the Lord will take me home? Why do I need to face my inability to share my dreams and can talk just with the wracked walls?
Ah, lets smile. I can blog for a free. Is that not grand?
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