Saturday, November 27, 2010

layers of dream on Tomas' sketchbook

digital painting overview
Other pictures of Tomas Karkalas look a bit otherwise, yet they all belong to the same category of art.
If style of the paintbrush strokes mean nothing indeed, then what makes the beauty in the concrete?
Can the visual thoughts  be free from the quality of the shapes that compose them?
When I survived after the terrible head trauma, I was considered as the hero, yet the disability express some kind of weakness. Plus it's common to think that people are responsible for their experiences.  So what does express my digital painting the layers of dream ?

While looking from outside in, it became obvious that I fear just the shopping festivities (being alive and having a purse are too different things) But I am not the helpless. I can spread my diary and am glad to do that.
In other words, people with disabilities has something to choose too - they can push either publish or delete buttons. My choice was to stay in touch with you.

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