Tuesday, September 27, 2011

joy for show in sculpture park in Klaipeda

digital painting 'Joy for show'  2011 by Tomas Karkalas
The title of this post relates the picture (the overview of the heart) to the theme that was announced to the artists and will gather them next year. This painting points at sculpture park in Klaipeda indeed in spite of all its abstractedness. Yet I would like to expand these frames - to focus on joy for show (by the way, that too responds to the given theme if to ponder a bit deeper...)
So. The below was put while looking at the picture. Beauty of the flow of single spot into next to him humbugs into the forgetfulness of the whole picture. The way the colors spread on a canvas attracts the artists but is that not the delusion? Yes, the painting has the power to express the life, but can the paintbrush substitute the daily round? While looking, I saw lots of tiny spots but wished to introduce not the beauty of some spots but the magic of the light I am experiencing ...
Wow, the magic of color is above any discussion. Just look at the daydreamers on my art by Tomas blog . You saw quite different picture in spite of the same drawing, isn't it? As the Arthiker says, the fine arts wake up the thinking.

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