Sunday, January 30, 2011

rehabilitation of a sketchbook

Wise sayings are worthy pondering deeper despite their inability to burst into laugh.
So what do I do?
silent pass into silence - 2010 by Tomas Karkalas
I opened my sketchbook and didn't doubt ability of the art to fill currently empty sheets of paper.
As I took my paintbrush, I as if jumped over a time. The beholders will have what to look at when today's emotions will   will be put into shape. The ancient monuments always inspire  the viewers with desire to uncap , to bow to them... yet people rarely rejoice at a cemetery .
Therefore I questioned myself what is sense to hurry to frame the creative work and hung it on a wall?
My silent pass into silence looks like the shadows of a shadow at a moment. The picture looks abstract, yet its "no shape'' means the rejoicing over the memory of the light - the rehabilitation is not a statement but the process - the awakening to question 'what's that?'
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